Our Story

Catcha has been created by fly anglers for fly anglers. Our founding was inspired by our own efforts to solve the challenges we have each faced in fly angling.

Our mission at Catcha is simple.

We exist to help fly anglers fish better.

And our vision for Catcha is creating a marketplace where fly anglers can easily find and purchase stream-specific knowledge in the form of Stream Playbooks from expert Catcha Gurus so that they can fish better.

The Team

Our Founders

Catcha was founded by fly anglers (and long-time friends) Dan Moyers and Todd Settle.

​Dan leads the company as well as product development efforts and Todd focuses on growing our Catcha Guru network. Justin Bolles joined the team soon after our founding and leads technical development of the Catcha platform.

Contact Dan Moyers, Co-Founder at dan@gocatcha.com 317-517-5990

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